Undocufund Mid-South is a local effort to create a relief fund for undocumented workers in the the Mid-South. Through public donations and grants, we provide funds for undocumented workers and their families. The current pandemic has left thousands of undocumented workers unemployed, and with little to no resources to turn to. These families do not receive stimulus checks or unemployment benefits.
Fund recipients will be provided financial assistance. Many undocumented families are currently unemployed due to the pandemic. The funds provided will go towards groceries, rent, medical bills, light and water, and funeral/burial expenses.

Undocumented immigrants cannot receive federal aid, this includes unemployment benefits or stimulus checks. While their children may be eligible for resources and assistance, they do not have the same privileges. This, along with fear of deportation and lack of English proficiency, serve as barriers in the financial security of undocumented immigrants. 
All funds/donations/grants for Undocufund Mid-South are housed by our fiscal sponsor, First Congregation Church in Memphis, Tennessee.
Undocufund Mid-South is based in Memphis, Tennessee and serves surrounding areas in West Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas, and Northern Mississippi.

These regions will receive priority consideration, however, applicants from other parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas will be assisted if our funds are enough.
Undocumented workers in the Mid-South (West Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and Eastern Arkansas), who have been unemployed or are facing financial issues as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The thorough process can be found on our 'Apply' page. Applicants will fill out a simple form, detailing their circumstances. The Undocufund committee will then review the application and gauge the need based on the circumstances described. A follow-up phone call will be made to households to verify info and eligibility.

Please do not try to take advantage of our funding. If your application appears fraudulent or if you attempt to declare undocumented status, despite not qualifying for such label, your application for assistance will be denied.
As of now, funding assistance ranges from $300 - $1000, depending on household size and circumstances.
Minus administrative fees, all funds will go to undocumented families and workers.
After the application is verified and follow-up call is made, funds will be received in less than a week.
All donations will be made directly though the First Congregation Church Website: https://www.firstcongo.com/give

Before you complete your donation,  please make sure you include 'Undocufund" in the "Discription" box on the third page.
If you do not qualify for Undocufund's services or need additional resources, visit our 'Resources' page.
If you are able to donate, please do so. Even $10 goes a long way to help undocumented workers and their families. Also, make sure to share the fund with families and friends. We appreciate any help we can get!

Thank you.